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Will a design cost a fortune?


One can spend from a few pounds up to any amount on a garden. However, so often a design will save money that is spent year after year on plants that fail or disappoint. Sometimes the simple expedient of changing or adding a focal point will turn a garden round and bring it to life. Sometimes something to hide an ugly or unbalancing view will do the trick. I think the cheapest effect I've ever produced was to move the dustbin which had taken centre-stage from a main window for years and replace it with a much more attractive shrub! I find clients are so often used to living with problem areas that a fresh perspective on the problem will make a big difference. 


\As each garden I design is unique, with a variety of sizes and solutions, prices will vary for each one.  However, I have a fixed charge for a two hour consultation and will quote for further work with a ceiling price based on the perimeter of your garden.  I will be happy to quote if you contact me directly giving your location, rough size of the garden and your telephone number.


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