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To see "before and after" pictures of other gardens click here.


To see some further examples of plans click here



Large Town Garden

Here you will find a plan of my own garden and photographs which take you on a 'guided tour' providing a sense of its atmosphere and planting.


Narrow Town Garden

Take a look at the simple layout of a small garden of a terraced house with accompanying photographs of the garden before, immediately after building and two years on. You can also find a planting plan complete with plant list, buying list and care sheets (which is what clients receive if they want full details).


Formal  Garden for Period House

Here you will find a plan and photos of a formal fountain parterre which was designed for a setting in front of beautiful Studley Priory in Oxfordshire. The site was on a slope and was set within an awkward shaped drive as the house is asymmetrical. Photos show before and after the construction. Studley Priory is now a private house.


Large Country Garden

Here is a masterplan for a large country garden, which will be planted up over time.



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