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As each garden I design is unique, with a variety of sizes and solutions, prices will vary for each one.  However, I have a fixed charge for a two hour consultation and will quote for further work with a ceiling price based on the perimeter of your garden.  I will be happy to quote if you contact me directly giving your location, rough size of the garden and your telephone number.

Click here for a checklist that will help you think about what aspects of your garden we can discuss.



Single Consultation

A two-hour consultation may  be all that is needed to resolve your garden problems. I will come to discuss your requirements and suggest solutions. In addition a report may be prepared or the consultation extended by agreement. This is charged at a flat rate fee.


Detailed Design Work

This may involve some or all of the following stages: 



This enables me to view your garden and its setting and to discuss with you your needs, budget and the time you have available for maintenance.

It may be possible to survey a small garden at this first meeting, but usually the survey requires a separate visit.



At this stage I can become more familiar with the garden and make survey notes. These include measurements of the garden and house exterior as well as details of drainage, levels, soil type, prevailing winds, views, features, trees and plants to be retained and photos of the garden.


Layout Plan

A plan is prepared to scale showing the outline shape and position of main features such as driveways, paved areas, lawn, borders and garden buildings.

Hard landscaping (paving, walling, structures etc.) is shown on this plan, but more details may be needed once the layout has been agreed. This may be the only plan you want to implement the design.  Example.


Construction Details

You may need separate detailed drawings of specific features such as steps, walls, pergolas and ponds, or written specifications for them.


Planting Plan

Soft landscaping (planting and lawn areas) can be shown in detail if required, with further information on plant lists. I choose from a wide range of plants to harmonise with the hard landscaping and buildings. Seasonal interest, colour, shape, foliage, scent and ultimate size will be considered and plants will be suggested that should associate well and grow well in their chosen position.

For a living picture which changes over the seasons and the years a balance has to be struck between allowing for mature growth and achieving an instantaneous effect. We can discuss your preference.



Further Options

You may find additional schedules and types of drawings helpful. These may be charged separately: 

  • Lists of plants selected - Example

  • Plant maintenance sheets - Example

  • Coloured plans

  • Axonometric views (3D projections)

  • Water colour sketch views

  • Elevation and cross-section drawings

  • Monitoring of construction work by the designer

  • Plant ordering and handling



If you do not want to construct the garden yourself and have no contractor of your own, I can suggest contractors who would be happy to give you a quotation.   The work can be done in phases if required.



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