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                                                            Can I have a garden without a lawn?               



                                                           The three pictures below show different solutions t                                                          to the lawn dilemma.





1. Is a large town garden where the client wanted more space for planting and no more lawn maintenance. Soft lines have been achieved by the layout of paths and sitting areas and the lush planting. Dark and dry space beneath the walnut tree has been lightened by light coloured gravel with planting into the gravel.












2. Is a small town garden needing minimum maintenance. The rectangle of paving has been set at an angle to achieve a greater sense of width / depth and energy in the garden and this has been recreated in a cobbled area at the front. Using the same materials and angles in both parts has created a unity for the owner.














3.  Is a wide shallow garden where two sitting areas needed to be linked, but the lawn removed to minimise maintenance. The wide path was given a strong flow to it to take the emphasis away from the horizontal fence behind and enable generous planting space to bring the garden to life.












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