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My Background and Philosophy


Originally coming from London and having worked with architectural magazines, exhibition organisers and The Crafts Council, I studied at the College of Garden Design and have been designing gardens from Oxford for over 30 years.    I became a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers in 1994 and over the years have designed over 1000 gardens, some with full details and some based on a simple consultation to solve the problems that clients have struggled with.  I work directly with the client and if they need landscapers to build or plant the garden can recommend different people with whom I have worked with for many years and whom a client can then employ directly.  If some supervision of the

project is required I can arrange to do this.


I believe that gardens need to suit the lifestyle of the owner as well as the house and surroundings and enjoy creating mood and settings for this to happen naturally. Most clients are surprised that low maintenance need not mean low interest or lack of plants. Once the structure is clear I bring it to life with planting and other features and believe that a garden should have something beautiful to be seen at any time of year, changing with the seasons.

One of my earliest actions was to transform the garden of our house in Oxford  and this is developing over the years as I try out new plants and ideas. 

Garden design is an endless source of fascination to me, especially the element that changes with growth and season. I am delighted that so many more people are learning to enjoy this aspect of life.


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