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Examples of plans


This page shows examples of a few plans that I have produced over the years.  Click on the thumbnails to see the details

Small garden for client who could no longer cope with grass and low flower borders as she got older, but had a strictly limited budget. Garden raised in brick borders and replanted and grass replaced by gravel with paving and sitting areas:
















Large garden (that continues on to wilder area at bottom between house and train lines in deep cutting). House was Art Nouveau architect-designed property with all its interior detailing still kept but thoroughly modernised.  It had existing slippery stone terrace, ugly retaining walls and steps that prevented client from being drawn into the rest of the garden, which had little of interest in it. Central feature became a formal scented herb garden with a fountain  and beyond that a contemporary informal area where the family could eat and play without being overlooked by neighbours:












10 acre garden with existing herbaceous borders by house and some woodland required masterplan for future planting.











Wide and shallow garden with considerable slopes from rear to house:










Small garden on upper level of two level garden. Client required removal of dank grassed area and it was replaced by brick paving that copied a design taken from  the upper storey conservatory  wrought iron balcony:















Long narrow garden set at odd angle to house in brick terrace requiring solution that wouldn’t irritate the eye. Terrace already built when called in:






















Flowing design for garden of barn conversion that leads out to country fields:










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